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Hi. My name is Heather. I am a professional classical singer, passionate about the power of storytelling through music & the arts. I love to perform on stage, however performances are only the tip of the iceberg. I would say about 80% of the artistic journey takes place outside of the performances. This blog serves to share that journey with all of you.

Since leaving University over 10 years ago, my journey as a professional musician has been full of ups & downs. It has ranged from sheer survival (for example, I cleaned houses for two years while simultaneously working restaurant jobs when I first move to the east coast to begin professional auditions)...to pure joy (for example, sharing my Lincoln Center & New York Philharmonic debut in 2018 with my mother attending in the audience). Ultimately, this journey has cultivated a professional career as an opera & concert singer. Most importantly however, my journey has refined my sense of purpose & what I hope to contribute to the world.


I have great affection for languages & especially how the French refer to one's life purpose as their "raison d'être" or "reason for being". In this competitive & fast paced-world, I have come to find it is important to remind myself that I am human BEING, not human "doing". It is great to be accomplished & visible in one's community or field. In fact, that feeling of a sense of accomplishment continues to be a driving force in my daily life. However, the more important question I've learned to ask myself with more frequency over the years is, what is my deepest reason for being? Why do I get out of bed in the morning? Who might benefit from my contributions to the world of my particular strengths & gifts? How can I best share this purpose with others in my own authentic way? What is it about the arts that I feel is so miraculous that no matter what, I will continue to pursue a life in the arts in order to be able to share its life-changing value with others? Ultimately, what is my "raison d'être"?

Here's my answer in its simplest form:

To shine a light on #OurSharedHumanity through music, media & storytelling.


This blog is a place to dig deeper: into music, art, poetry, photography, travel & shared artistic endeavors that I know have the power to connect us as human beings. It is a place I hope to create real community in a time where human connection is, more than ever before, so desperately needed. Most importantly, it is also a place I hope people will find comfort, inspiration & ultimately be reminded of their own humanity as well as the humanity in others...especially as we all try to find a way forward from the grief, loss & divisiveness that was 2020.

Every post on this blog will begin with a few words about the post's #HumanElement. This fundamental element is what sustains & drives me as an artist. It is also what I hope will connect you to my particular specialities, no matter your background, interests or profession. I don't believe in followers. I believe in mutual connection, so please feel free to comment on individual posts here on the website or write to me directly here. I want to know what drives you and why music & the arts are so valuable in your life.

I can't wait to connect.



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